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New members and existing members may apply for service with the form below. If you wish to have a service disconnected that is listed in your name, please request the 'stop service' in the "comments" section below. New services are connected AT THE EARLIEST, the next business day, but in some circumstances, it could be longer.

By submitting this form, you acknowledge the information on this application is correct and you have read and agree to adhere to the policies of the Sequachee Valley Electric Cooperative.

A SVEC representative will contact you for more information, so please include a good call-back number. 




*Deposit may be required. **Pre-Paid electric service accounts receive no monthly statements. Click here for more information on Pre-Paid Metering.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF MEMBERSHIP: By submitting the on-line application, the signed individual(s), (hereinafter called the "Applicant"), acting in person applies for membership in and/or applies for electric service from Sequachee Valley Electric Cooperative (hereinafter called "Cooperative") and agrees to the following terms and conditions:

1. Applicant(s) shall purchases electric power and energy from the Cooperative as an end user and not for redistribution and as a condition agrees to be bound by and comply with the Articles of Incorporation, the Bylaws and all of the policies, rules, regulations, and rate schedules, as established at the date hereof or as adopted or amended from time to time hereafter.

2. Applicant(s) pays the amount of the currently established membership fee, if any, which may be retained by the Cooperative upon acceptance of the Application and admittance into membership of the Applicant(s).

3. Applicant pays the required service and security fees and deposits, facilities extension deposits, and contributions in aid of construction required as a condition of service and which may be applied by the Cooperative in accordance with its policies, rules, and regulations.

4. Applicant shall pay for such electric energy when billed according to the rate classifications and schedules as established by the Cooperative.  Cooperative may limit the amount of electric energy furnished in accordance with its rules, regulation, policies, rate classification and rate schedule.

5. Applicant shall cause the premises served to be wired in accordance with wiring specifications approved by the Cooperative and State of Tennessee.

6. Membership, if granted, and electric service provided to the Applicant hereunder may not be transferred, assigned, or conveyed.

7. Applicant grants an easement to the Cooperative in accordance with Cooperative policies permitting its poles and lines of its permits to be constructed on his/her/its property at locations determined by the Cooperative.  Cooperative may cut, trim, treat by chemical means, or otherwise control or remove trees, shrubbery, brush or other vegetation on the property of the Applicant as may be necessary from time to time to insure adequate clearance of the transmission on distribution lines of the Cooperative.  Applicant shall keep such easement clear of all buildings, structures, or other obstruction.

8. Applicant must provide Cooperative with access to all meter(s) on property.  Applicant must not enclose meter(s) or block access to meter(s) with buildings, shrubbery, vehicles, fences, or other obstacles that would prohibit the Cooperative from accessing the meter(s).

9. Extension of service pursuant to this Application and the admission into membership in the Cooperative constitute a contract between the applicant and the Cooperative for electric service as herein provided.  This contract shall continue in effect without limitation of duration until cancelled or terminated in accordance with the terms hereof or in accordance with the provisions of the Bylaws of the Cooperative.

10. If this Application is submitted in electronic form in accordance with procedures established by the Cooperative, when electronically submitted and accepted by Cooperative, it shall have the same force and effect as if manually completed and signed by Applicant.

11. If this agreement is supplemented by a separate power contract that may be entered into between the Applicant and the Cooperative, it shall be deemed and integral part hereof.

12. It is understood and agreed to by the applicant that no more than $3.00 per year of the Cooperative’s equity in accruing to him/her/it each year will be used for one year’s subscription to the Tennessee Magazine.

13. By signing/submitting this membership application, Applicant is providing permission for the Cooperative to inquire into applicant’s credit based on the information supplied herein.

Copy of By-laws available on request.

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