Apply for Service - Business

If you would like to start a commercial account with SVEC, we welcome you and are committed to making the process quick and easy. If you are building a new facility, you will need assistance from our engineers on your new electric service, clearing right-of-way and when and how to obtain inspections; contact Engineering Services to schedule a consultation. If there is an existing service at the location of your new business, you will need to complete an application for service, pay a deposit and may need to sign a power contract. Please contact your local office for more information on your new business account. 



Download and Complete this Application for a Business and return to your local office or fax to Beth Duggar at 423-837-9836 along with

Business Application

  • A copy of the owner's or primary account holder's driver's license and business ID number
  • The 911 address and the name of the last business or owner at the location where service is requested



Deposits will be determined by Customer Service after the application has been received. The minimum deposit is $300 for a business location. A Letter of Credit from a bank or Surety Bond can be accepted in lieu of a cash deposit.


Power Contract

A power contract may be required for a three-phase location. If it is determined a power contract is required, it must be signed and submitted before the new location receives power.