Billing Options

Easy, Convenient Ways to Pay

SVEC is proud to offer members multiple ways to pay your electric bill. You can choose to pay from the comfort of your home, day or night, by accessing your account on our website or have your bill set-up to be paid automatically through your checking account or with your credit card. For your convenience, many local banks  also take your SVEC payment when paying on or before your due date, including all Citizens Tri-County Bank branches and all First Volunteer Bank branches. SVEC also gives you the options for budget billing, e-billing and deferred payments to coincide with your monthly income check.


Budget Bill Plan: pay the same amount every month, "settle-up" once a year by paying the shortage or receiving a credit. Account must be active for 12 months before signing up for Budget Bill.

Auto-Pay for Bank Account or Auto-Pay for Credit Card Account: use SVEC "Auto-Pay" so your monthly bill is securely drafted from your checking or savings account, or through your credit card. Bills are drafted on the monthly due date or next business day. 

Pay On-Line: pay your bill, check your account billing history and view a graph of your energy use.

E-Billing: receive your monthly bill by email rather than a paper bill, or receive both.  

Deferred Payment Plan: if you're paid once a month and your paycheck date doesn't coincide with your electric bill due date, sign-up for deferred payments.

Pre-Paid Metering: no deposit, no late fees and make $40 payments to "re-load" your electric account on your schedule.