Electrical Safety

At SVEC, member safety is important to us. The following information is meant to keep you and your family safe, and possibly save a life.

Tree on power linesKeep a safe distance

Accidentally touching a power line can be dangerous and even deadly. SVEC wants our members to stay safe around power lines.

Whether you are working outdoors on a landscaping project or playing with your children, keep a safe distance away from power lines and other electrical equipment SVEC uses to get electricity to your home. 

Always remember to:

  • Stay away from power lines, transformers, meters and electrical boxes.
  • Don't climb trees near power lines.
  • Never fly kites, remote control airplanes or balloons near power lines.
  • If you get something stuck in a power line, call SVEC immediately.
  • Keep a safe distance away from power lines when working with a ladder.
  • Never touch or go near a downed power line.
  • Never touch anything that may be in contact with a downed power line, such as a tree or car.
  • Keep children and pets away from downed power lines.
  • Remember power lines can also be buried underground, so always "Call Before You Dig"- dial 811 from any phone and utility workers will come out and check the area for underground lines before you dig.

Power Line Hazards and Cars

If a power line falls on a car, you should stay inside the car. Warn others outside the vehicle not to touch it or the power line and for them to stay a safe distance away. Call 911 immediately. The only circumstance where you should get out of the vehicle is if it is on fire. DO NOT step out of the vehicle but JUMP FREE of the vehicle, so that your body clears the vehicle before touching the ground. Electricity spreads out through the ground in ripples, like a stone dropped in water. The voltage is highest in the ring closest to the vehicle and decreases with distance. Hop with feet together so that one foot won't be in a higher voltage zone than the other, which could make you a conductor for electricity.

Power line hazards and carsHeating with Electricity

If you use space heaters or electric blankets, follow these rules to keep safe:

  • Make sure fire detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are in good working condition.
  • Keep space heaters at least 3 feet from anything flammable and never leave unattended.
  • Place space heater on level, hard, non-flammable floor service - never on carpet, furniture or counter.
  • Do not overload circuits. Never use extension cords or multiple plugs with a space heater.
  • Before using an electric blanket, check for any damage to the blanket and cord.
  • Do not tuck electric blanket under mattress pad and do not place another blanket or comforter on top of it.