MECO Electric Grills

State-of-the-Art Outdoor CookingMECO electric grill

  • Cost: $188.33 (tax included)
  • A new advancement in state-of-the-art outdoor cooking uses the energy efficient concept of infrared reflectivity to save energy that is normally wasted. It totally eliminates the need for lava rock.
  • No fuss, no mess. You will be ready to cook in less than ten minutes.
  • Stores Easily. Dramatic new shape is just the right size for today's families. It fits anywhere from the smallest balcony to the largest patio.
  • Easy to clean. Porcelain coated cooking grid and energy efficient reflector fit most dishwashers.
  • Real outdoor taste. It is the instantaneous searing and burning of the dripping fats, not charcoal, that gives food that characteristic outdoor taste. The reflector is positioned to drain away enough drippings to prevent flare-ups.
  • Large cooking space. Large cuts of meat, such as roasts, thick chops, whole chickens and fancy burgers with all the trimmings can be prepared faster by cooking with the grill hood closed. The optional rotisserie allows even larger cuts of meat to be cooked and will accommodate cuts up to nine inches in diameter (approximately a twelve pound turkey).
  • Cook rare and well done at the same time. The heating element adjusts easily to the DUAL LEVEL position so you can cook one steak well-done while keeping yours rare. You can warm bread and grill steaks or cook shrimp and steak simultaneously.
  • Saves energy, saves money. You can cook for an hour at the high temperature setting for just pennies, even in the highest electrical cost areas of the country.
  • Sturdy construction. High quality steel forms and tubing are used throughout. All components are coated with MECO's quality Dura FuseTM powder finish for beauty and durability.
  • Pre-assembled. All critical electrical and mechanical components, including the hinges and handles are pre-assembled at the factory. The tabletop base attaches easily with just a few nuts and bolts.
  • Instant heat control. The cooking temperature can be adjusted instantly from a steak searing high to a bread warming low with the variable heat control. Bright graphics on the control knob shows at a glance whether the grill is on or off and a highly visible pilot light shows when the element is energized.

Also available:


MECO Pedestal Tabletop GrillMECO Pedestal Tabletop Grill

  • $110.36 (tax included)
  • 1650 watt element
  • 164 square inch cooking surface
  • All the great features of the larger grill, just smaller in size


MECO Electric Combo Water Smoker and Grill

  • Cost: $94.55 (tax included)
  • Interlocking base and body
  • 380-square inch cooking surface
  • Two nickel-plated cooking grids with handles for two-level cooking
  • Porcelainized, 5 1/2-quart water pan
  • Heat-resistant wooden side and hood handles
  • Sliding access door for checking and adding to the water and wood chip levels
  • Built-in temperature gauge
  • Flavor channels direct smoke for maximum food flavoring and add structural strength
  • Heavy-duty, reinforced steel legs for extra strength and durability
  • UL-listed 1650-watt heating element
  • Removable thermostatic control with low-medium-high setting
  • When used as a grill, reflector pan directs heat to cooking surface
  • Available in black or red high temperature, powder paint finish