Pre-Pay Metering

We know you have your hands full, so paying your electric bill shouldn't weigh you down.

The Pre-Pay Metering solution is here! The Pre-Pay Metering (PPM) electric service option helps you avoid security deposits and late fees. You can purchase electricity at times that meet the needs of your household budget.

How it works...
Once a PPM account with a credit balance is established, your home's energy usage is recorded and charged daily to the account. The credit balance is reduced daily by the amount of electricity you use. An additional purchase of at least $40.00 should be made before the balance reaches $20.00 or the account will be subject to disconnection.

How do I pay?
With PPM, payments are scheduled at your convenience. Payments may be made with credit/debit card or check here on the SVEC website, via the SVEC mobile app, via telephone or pay with cash in person at any SVEC service center. Once an initial credit balance has been established, minimum payments of $40.00 may be made at any time.

How can I get information on my balance?
As a PPM participant, you will not receive monthly statements. You may access your account balance information 24 hours a day here on the SVEC website or with the SVEC mobile app. You may also call your local SVEC service center or visit any SVEC office. When your PPM balance is low, you will receive a courtesy notification via text message or e-mail. If your account balance reaches $20.00, it is subject to disconnection. If the account is disconnected, a reconnection fee must be paid along with a purchase of at least $40.00 in electricity to re-establish a credit balance.

What does it cost?
PPM participants pay the same energy rates and customer charge as all residential customers. PPM customers pay a small service charge per month to cover the added costs of providing this service.

Do I have to take care of past due charges when I sign up?
PPM includes a debt recovery program that makes it easy to budget the payment of past due balances. When participants enroll,  half of unpaid balances are collected with thirty percent (30%) of each PPM payment automatically applied to any existing debt until the debt is satisfied. If there is an existing deposit, it is applied to the new PPM account.

How do I enroll?
Enrollment in SVEC's Pre-Pay Metering is easy. Complete an application for the service and submit it to your local SVEC service center. A $125 initial payment to the PPM account is required for enrollment, that includes a $25 connection fee and $100 towards energy. If you have an existing deposit on your account, that deposit amount will be applied to the PPM account balance.

The small print...
PPM is not available to commercial or industrial account or to some residential accounts enrolled in certain programs or not meeting metering size guidelines. Be sure to read and understand the PPM program requirements and restricitions included on the enrollment form before your sign up.