Scammers active in SVEC area

October 21, 2016

Scammers are at work again in the Sequachee Valley Electric Cooperative service area. Several members contacted SVEC today after being called by scammers claiming to represent SVEC. The scammers told members their bill was late and to call a toll-free number to make a payment or their power would be cut-off. SVEC does not threaten or instruct members to call a long-distance or toll-free number and pay immediately to avoid disconnection. Recorded courtesy messages are sometimes sent for late accounts, however. Anyone who receives a call from someone claiming to be from SVEC, regarding your bill and/or making a payment, call your local office.

The members who were called by scammers today notified their local SVEC office for verification. Law enforcement and the FCC are now involved to track the scammers.