Severe storms, tornadoes cause wide-spread power outages

Outage Update, Thursday, Nov. 8, 9:30 a.m. CST

Our crews and contract crews worked late last night to restore power to the majority of our members. This morning, 84 members remain without power after Tuesday morning's severe storm and tornadoes ripped through Grundy, Sequatchie and Bledsoe. Crews are working in these areas today:

Grundy County: a few members on Colony Rd. are out, crews are working there now; crews will move to Stoker Rd., Owl Hollow off of Hwy 399 after they finish Colony Rd; We expect to have these areas back on today.

Sequatchie County: crews are working to replace poles on Meadow Lark Lane. There are 10 members out there, we expect to have them all reconnected today.

Bledsoe County: crews are replacing broken poles on Lusk Loop, College Station and one near Herman Smith Rd. There are still a few members who have services down, transformers that need changing and the crews will get to those after replacing poles and putting power lines up at the above mentioned locations.

All of our offices are open today. If your power is out and you are not sure it has been reported, please contact your local office.


Update, November 7, 7:30 p.m. CST

Our crews made progress today, restoring power to several hundred members throughout Grundy, Sequatchie and Bledsoe counties. Extra tree trimming crews and line crews were brought in today to assist in power restoration. Crews continue to work tonight and expect to have power restored to a large majority of members before midnight, including those on Pitts Gap, Brayton, Hendon, Sunnyside and Lower East Valley in Bledsoe County. Power was just restored to several members on Colony Rd and Burrough's Cove in Grundy Co.

The National Weather Service (NWS) did confirm an EF-2 tornado with winds reaching 115 mph did touch down in Grundy County on Tuesday, November 6, and that same storm system moved into Sequatchie and Bledsoe counties. Numerous trees were uprooted or snapped, power poles broken, lines downed and homes damaged. Around College Station in Bledsoe County, fourteen three-phase poles were broken or damaged and had to be replaced. Over one-hundred poles have been replaced system-wide and hundreds of spans of power lines have been put back up since the storm devastated the service area on Tuesday morning.


Update, 5:45 p.m. CST on November 6, 2018

The severe storms, and possibly tornadoes, that moved through our service area early this morning left destruction and wide-spread power outages across Grundy, Marion, Sequatchie and Bledsoe counties. Crews from SVEC, Service Electric, Lewis Tree Service, W. A. Kendall & Company and other contractors and helpers have worked tirelessly throughout the day to clean-up the damage and restore power. We estimate about 100 poles were broken and numerous spans of wire were downed. Extra line and tree crews have been brought in to assist so that power restoration will move quicker. Our crews have restored power to over 6,000 members today.  

At 5:45 p.m. CST, there are 2,349 members system-wide without power. Here are current outage areas and when we expect power to be restored…

Marion: all outages restored; Marion crews are working in Grundy, Bledsoe and Sequatchie  

It will be sometime tomorrow before power is restored to these areas:
Colony Rd area in Gruetli-Laager; still several broken poles
Hwy 399 (far end) in Palmer due to several broken poles
Parts of Pelham Valley toward Burrough’s Cove and Coffee Co.
Eagle Lake

Cagle Mtn- we plan to have the 3-phase lines (these are main lines going down Hwy 111) energized tonight;
There are various taps on Cagle Mtn that will take longer, like around McGlothen Cemetery and the Meadow Lark areas. There are several spans of wire down here. It will be sometime tomorrow before Meadow Lark & McGlothen have power restored.

Beaver Dam- 1 broken single phase pole we expect to have power restored there tonight;
Hwy 127 - we expect to have all of the broken poles- and there are several- replaced and that line energized late tonight or early morning;
The following areas have extensive damage and will not have power restored until sometime tomorrow, at the earliest: Pitts Gap, Brayton, Hendon, Sunnyside, Upper East Valley.
Several single-phase outages around Lusk Loop and College Station will not be restored until tomorrow.

We thank you for your continued patience as our crews work to clean-up the damage and restore power. Crews will continue to work through night.


Update, 4:45 a.m. Sequachee Valley Electric Cooperative crews and contract crews are finding extensive damage around the service area after severe storms moved across Tennessee in the early morning hours of Tuesday, November 6, 2018. The storms brought tornadoes, straight line winds, hail and heavy rain to Grundy County, then moved into Marion, Sequatchie and Bledsoe. Crews are finding multiple broken poles, lines down and homes damaged, like this one in the Burroughs Cove area of Pelham. The family did make it out safely.

Image may contain: house, night, sky and outdoor
Roof ripped off home in Burroughs Cove area of Pelham

Members without power, 4:45 a.m. CST:

Marion: 962
Grundy: 3457
Coffee: 1

Sequatchie: 93
Bledsoe: 995
Hamilton: 94
Rhea: 11

All SVEC crews and contract crews are out working, but it will be daylight before full extent of damage is known. To report a power outage, use the SVEC app for iPhone and Android or call 888-421-7832 or REPORT HERE.

Stay Safe! If you see downed lines, they could still be energized so stay a safe distance away, do not drive over the lines and call 911 immediately!