Surge Protection

Protect your home with SVEC Surge Protection!


Whole-home surge protection is backed by a manufacturer's warranty

You invest in your home appliances and electronics, so why not protect your investment with the best surge protection available? A power surge - a sudden, powerful increase in voltage often caused by near-by lightning strikes or appliances motors switching on/off - can damage or destroy appliances and sensitive electronics.  Let us help you shield your home from harm with SVEC's Surge Protection Program.

SVEC Surge Protection provides a double protective barrier for your home appliances and electronics. First, a heavy-duty surge arrester is installed at the meter base and safely dissipates high voltage current impulses. This device is only available from SVEC. Second, a set of specially designed plug-in surge protectors provide another layer of defense.

The meter base surge suppressor provides coverage for standard white appliances including: washers, trash compactors, built-in microwave ovens, dryers, indoor pumps, garbage disposals, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers and stoves. The device does not cover: central vacuum systems, intercom systems, plug-in garage door openers, well pumps, hard wired security systems, ceiling cables, pool/hot tub pumps, light fixtures and plug-in electronic devices not plugged into one of the program receptacles.

Sign-up for Surge Protection

The program costs only $6.99 plus tax a month.

Participants will also receive:

  • an eight-plug outlet strip
    with coaxial cable connections
    and one telephone line
  • a single outlet wall mount
    with one telephone line connection
  • a single-plug outlet wall mount
    with cable suppression
  • A one outlet single mount
  • two phone lines
  • two coaxial cable

With proper grounding, the Surge Protection Program products are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty for properly connected equipment damaged due to an equipment failure.

For the surge protection equipment to do its job it must be plugged directly into one of our plug in strips. All outside lines to the equipment must also be protected. For example if your television is hooked up to cable, satellite or an antenna each one of those lines must also be hooked up to one of our surge protectors. If your computer is hooked up to a phone line, it must be hooked up to our plug in strip as well. If you have any question about how to hook up your equipment please call your local office.