Board Governance

SVEC is 1 of about 900 member-owned electric cooperatives serving over 70% of the land mass in the United States. Your electric cooperative is proud of its unique governance model. We strive to be a model of transparency while taking seriously our responsibility to keep the information of our members private and secure. Though often assumed to be a public entity, SVEC is a private, not-for-profit business that serves members in a specific geographic region of southeast Tennessee.



How is SVEC governed?

The cooperative’s members elect a Board of Directors to represent them in setting policy, approving the budget, and overseeing the strategic direction of the cooperative. They have a fiduciary responsibility to the members, and they serve as the governing body of utility operations. Additionally, The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) serves as the cooperative’s regulator.


What’s the CEO’s role?

The CEO is the employee of the board and serves to execute the policies of the cooperative. As the leader of the organization, he or she employs a team to perform the purpose, vision, and mission of the cooperative.

What is the role of the members?

The staff and board of the cooperative exist to serve the members. The members are the consumers of the cooperative’s product – electricity – but they also receive the other benefits of the cooperative business model. These benefits, which are summed up in the Seven Cooperative Principles, include democratic control, education and training, and community impact.

How can members ask questions or give voice to their concerns?

As a democratically-run, member-owned cooperative, SVEC is committed to operating transparently. Members have the opportunity to engage with SVEC leadership to express any concerns in multiple venues ranging from our online contact form, to our annual meeting to walking in the office or picking up the phone. 

Can members attend meetings of the Board of Directors?

Yes, board meetings are open to members, however, for members wishing to address the board about a specific issue, there is a process to go through and our staff can assist you with this request. In the spirit of member satisfaction, SVEC management will work to address member concerns before they rise to a level that would require board intervention. Part of this intention is that if the matter should then rise to the board level, all parties will be informed and better prepared to deal with the matter.

View contact information for SVEC CEO and senior staff.

Where can I get additional information? is a rich resource of information ranging from the cooperative’s Bylaws to account information behind a user’s specific login. Forms, facts, and figures ranging from annual data to energy saving tips are included throughout the site. And if you can’t find what you are looking for, always feel free to contact us online, by phone or in-person.