SVEC Members Honor Robert ‘Bob’ Hookey

Robert "Bob" Hookey

“Robert Hookey has a lifelong love for local history. Committed to preserving the history of his hometown for future generations, Hookey quietly works for his fellow citizens.”

— Carolyn Kellerman Millhiser, from her nomination form


In recognition of his commitment to preserving the history of South Pittsburg — where he was born, raised and has lived for nearly all his life — Bob Hookey has been selected from member nominations as winner of April’s SVEC "Who Powers You?" 

Bob Hookey — The Facts:

  • Retired from the Tennessee Valley Authority and a former city commissioner, Hookey now serves as chairman of the South Pittsburg Historical Society as well as a volunteer and fundraiser.
  • He was the “Little Engine that Could” behind the restoration of the historic Princess Theater in downtown South Pittsburg. Never giving up or backing down, he worked tirelessly to see to completion the $800,000 project the group took on to save the Princess in 1999 when the city planned to demolish it. He and the rest of the society kept at it little-by-little until 2010 when the city of South Pittsburg took over the project.
  • Continuing with that same determination in 2011, Hookey and the Historic Preservation Society then took on the task of establishing a South Pittsburg Heritage Museum to house the society’s ever-growing collection of historical artifacts.
  • The museum outgrew its first location in just two years and is now housed at 316 S. Cedar Ave. It is open to the public each Friday and Saturday and for special prearranged tours. Visit during the National Cornbread Festival, April 29-30. You are sure to find Bob Hookey there with tales of South Pittsburg’s colorful history.
  • If you would like to make a monetary contribution, donate or loan an artifact, join the South Pittsburg Historical Society or become a volunteer, contact the society at or call Hookey at 423-837-8714 or Carolyn Kellerman Millhiser at 423-837-8327.