SVECaresWhat is SVECares?

SVECares is a program that provides financial help to worthy causes in our area by combining your small monthly contribution with those of fellow SVEC members. If you help, your monthly electric bill will be automatically “rounded up” to the nearest dollar.

How does it work?
Simply put, SVECares gathers voluntary contributions from co-op members by rounding up their monthly electric bill to the next highest dollar. For example: if your bill is $48.63, SVEC would round it up to $49.00. The additional 37 cents would go to the SVECares fund.

How much do members contribute?
Monthly contributions per member average 50 cents, for a yearly average donation of $6 per members. It’s small change but if all SVEC members join, we could “round up” about $180,000 a year to help our neighbors in need.

What will the money be used for?
SVECares may be used for local projects such as fire fighting equipment for volunteer fire departments; life-saving equipment for ambulance or rescue squads; hospice programs; youth programs; food shelves; clothing, shelter and medical services following an accident or storm; and all types of individual needs. All of the funds go directly back into our communities. Donations are not limited to these categories. SVECares funds may not be used for political purposes or to pay electric or gas bills.

The SVECares board of directors has allocated
funds to numerous worthwhile causes.

Joining Operation Round-Up is simple.
All members are a part of this commitment to the community unless you notify us otherwise. If you do not want to participate all you have to do is let us know and your name will be removed from the list. It’s that easy! All contributions are tax-deductible, and each January participating members will receive a report of how much they have donated to this community service program.

SVEC members can opt out of the voluntary SVECares program at any time. Just enclose a note in your electric bill or call your local service center for assistance.

Who Administers the Fund?
Five community residents—all members of the co-op — have been appointed to the SVECares board by the SVEC board of directors to:

• Evaluate requests for SVECares
• Determine how the money will be used

Citizens appointed to the SVECares board have a strong concern for their community and possess a desire to see that help is provided where it will do the most good. SVECares board members volunteer their time and receive no pay or compensation for serving on the board. 

To apply for assistance through SVECares, 

Simply stop by any SVEC service center for an application or print out the application as a PDF file now:

Families and individuals Form

Organization Form


More about SVECares...
Electric cooperatives across the United States have been offering this program since 1989 to help co-op consumers reach out to worthy causes in their community and work together to help others.