Sequachee Valley Electric Cooperative

We are Co-op Strong in 2016

In the midst of an ever-changing, busy world, there are some things you can always count on. One of those is the strength of your electric cooperative’s commitment to our members and our communities.

Our priorities have always included:

• Safety - Our first job is to keep our members and our employees safe and make sure they return home to their families every night.

• Economic development - We support existing business and industry and recruit new employers to the area. We can’t have a strong economy without strong successful businesses and industries.

• Reliability - As the electric grid ages and technology advances faster than it can be implemented, we must stay on top of the changes to offer our members the reliability and service that they expect and deserve.

• Our youth, our future members - as a rural, member-owned and controlled, not-for-profit utility, our future depends upon having a new generation of member-owners who understand and support the “co-op difference” and how it strengthens our communities. That is why we invest in our youth — it is the best investment we can make in our future success.

This year we will be focus on the people, businesses and programs that make this area strong, Co-op Strong. Read your Tennessee Magazine each month to learn about the local businesses that strengthen our economy; the SVECares program that helps our members and local not-for-profit groups; programs that teach our youth and inspire them to excel; and important news, notices and chances to win locally made prizes, all from your electric cooperative.

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